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Software Engineer, Backend Developer (Node / Microservices / Database / AWS)


You will work on building a scalable distributed component-based AI platform including – configurable workflows, flexible APIs, advanced business intelligence, one-click deployment and roll-back, sophisticated monitoring, self-healing operation and powerful feature rich UIs. You will also integrate sophisticated omni-channel AI components including – natural language processing, transformers, neural nets, OCR, voice transcription, pattern recognition, proprietary domain model training and management.

The team operates with an ultra-flat structure and encourages everyone to contribute to all aspects of business and product development.

In one month

You will have integrated into the team and absorbed the culture of our company. You will understand our product and development roadmap. You will be immersing yourself in the code and getting up to speed with our development processes on contributing to production code.

In three months

You will be up to speed and contributed to the functional enhancements and re-engineering of the application. You will have delivered several production enhancements for our clients. You will be leading design discussions and helping to shape the product. You will be collaborating with the other technology team members on the technical design approach to ensure performance, reliability, and scalability.

In six months

You will have become the go-to person for part of our application. You will have several important features into production for our clients. You will be working with the rest of the team to define and progress the product roadmap.

In twelve months

We’ll wonder how we lived without you.

Reporting Line

Sateesh Pinnamaneni, Head of Engineering

Role Description

We are looking to hire an experienced, professional, and enthusiastic backend developer to work on greenfield projects.

You will join a small team of 3 to 4 of like-minded developers to translate product strategy and requirements into suitable, maintainable, and scalable solutions.

You are a “T-shaped” team-member with the responsibility for taking a product feature all the way from concept to production with testing and DevOps being integral part of day-to-day work. You will be flexible and able to adapt to changes in priorities as necessary.

You will be self-motivated, and results oriented with a very strong attention to detail and quality.

Your self-drive, pro-activeness and ability to lead, communicate and take initiative will be crucial to succeed in this role. Furthermore, you will:

  • Work with professional software engineering practices and set best practices for the full software development life cycle
  • Collaborate closely with team members and product owners to share best practice as well as discuss and motivate design solutions
  • Develop with a test-driven approach and employ well established design and architecture principles
  • Write functional and integration test suites
  • Contribute to performance and failure testing
  • Drive and participate in the team’s agile practices
  • Take part in continuous improvement of the development process
  • Ensure Secure software development guidelines are followed
  • Ensure Ethical AI practices are followed
  • Uncover security threats and bugs and provide remedials to the concerns
  • Assist Security & Compliance team to build and continuously improve Secured software development practices.
  • Work closely with Security & compliance team to maintain continuous compliance with key industry standards like ISO 27001, SOC2T2, Cyber Essentials etc.

Essential Technical Skills

  • Language – JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS
  • Framework – NestJS / Express / Microservices / Mongoose
  • Data Stores – MongoDB, Relational Databases, TSDBs, Caches
  • Messaging – Kafka / AMQP / RabbitMQ
  • API – OpenAPI / GraphQL / GRPC
  • Testing – Jest / Mocha / Cypress / React testing library
  • Build Tools – Nx Dev / Yarn / npm
  • Security – JWT, Oauth2
  • Event-driven microservices architecture
  • Performance tuning, profilers
  • Platform – Docker / Nginx / Load-balancers

Desirable Technical Skills

  • Experience with other mainstream programming languages such Java, Kotlin, .Net.
  • Orchestration Stack – Kubernetes / Helm
  • Observability – Prometheus, Grafana, ELK etc
  • Serverless
  • AWS / GCP – API Gateway / Lambda
  • UI frameworks such as Angular / ReactJs

Expectations from Senior Engineer

  • Agile development: As an early-stage start-up, things can move quickly, and priorities can change rapidly at Jaid. A senior software engineer should be comfortable with agile development methodologies and be able to adapt to changing requirements and timelines.
  • Rapid prototyping: A senior software engineer should be able to quickly develop prototypes and MVPs to test ideas and gather feedback.
  • Technical leadership: A senior software engineer should be a technical leader within the team, taking responsibility for critical technical decisions and setting high coding standards for the team to follow. SME in few areas of software design & development.
  • Mentorship: They should take on a mentorship role, providing guidance and support to junior engineers, helping them to grow and develop their skills.
  • Collaboration: A senior software engineer should be able to work collaboratively with other members of the team, effectively communicating complex technical ideas and providing feedback on code changes.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in computing, science, or engineering. At least 3 years of software development experience in a commercial environment. Track record of delivery and support of business-critical functions with an appreciation of the full development lifecycle.  Proven ability to understand both client / user requirements alongside supportability, maintainability, and reliability concerns.

Place & Hours of Work

We operate a hybrid working model with most of the team attending the office for few days a week. However, we are open to fully remote working with more occasional office visits. Applicants planning to work from home should have appropriate dedicated workspace and be free from distractions. Candidates are also expected to have high speed internet connectivity appropriate for productive development and participating in high-fidelity video conference calls.

London Applicants

Applicants should be prepared to travel to the London office as necessary. Jaid offices are currently located in the vibrant Bermondsey Street area, a few minutes’ walk from London Bridge station.

New York Applicants

Applicants should be prepared to travel to the New York office as necessary.

At a glance

London or New York


Be Kind. We will be fair and inclusive. We will seek out diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We will strive to be exceptional listeners so that JAID is a safe place where every voice is heard and valued.

Be Brave. We will run at problems and not shy away from difficult decisions. We will embrace new approaches and we know that making mistakes is an essential part of innovation.

Never Settle. We will not accept anything less than the best. Not from ourselves. Not from our colleagues. Not from our partners. We will continuously push ourselves, each other and our technology to reach beyond our comfort zones. 


Like what you see? Don’t delay, send us your CV now and if we think you are the right fit for our team then we will be in touch to arrange an interview.

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