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Intelligent Customer Experience Automation

Utilizing AI to empower companies and teams to focus on what matters most.

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The Right Answer, Faster

Jaid is an AI-powered platform that interprets and organizes communications and sends them to the right place for resolution.

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Why Jaid?

Increases team productivity by over 50 %
Improves speed of enquiry resolution by 95 %
Eliminates mundane tasks reducing staff attrition by 50 %
Transforms customer satisfaction rates by 45 %
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AI as a Service

Jaid’s AI engineers and data scientists provide clients with continual access to a rapidly expanding suite of pre-trained domain-specific models based on the latest techniques. Our users leverage these unique capabilities to gain a significant competitive advantage through improved business oversight and operational efficiency across the organization.

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Jaid uses proprietary AI to interpret human communications.

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Full automation of case management, context discovery and transaction updates required to action complex requests.

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Easy to implement and train, the AI models are pre-built and updated by Jaid.

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