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Opening up without letting in: managing information security within ecosystems



Ecosystem collaboration can be a key factor for business scalability and growth but managing information security is critical. Learn how Jaid, using cloud-based AI models, allows clients to seamlessly open-up data to third parties without any security risk.

Security is in everything we do

To reap the growth potential of network effects, organizations need a way to extract data, make those streams available to ecosystem partners, and also ensure that customer and internal information remains secure as it travels through internal and external systems.

Because security is a part of our DNA, we developed a definitive guide to AI-led infosec filled with insights and strategies that can help you manage information security more effectively.

This white paper will provide you with guidance on how to:

  • Build a security culture
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Mitigate potential security threats
  • Manage vendor and contractor risks
  • Establish incident response plans

Without operating as an intelligent team – internally and externally – complex and safe solutions cannot be quickly produced, integrated for the customer, or secured in volatile markets. We strongly believe the right technology and selection of services significantly increase business agility, helping eradicate knowledge and data silos.

Arun Balodi

Make information security a first principle

Jaid’s security tenet is “Proactive, not reactive. Preventive, not remedial.” Download our latest white paper, Opening up without letting in: managing information security within ecosystems, for free today and learn how to reduce your cybersecurity risk so you can deliver more than operational efficiencies.