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Payment Exception Processing Software

Minimize payment exceptions with an AI-powered billing platform that pro-actively helps customers while managing exceptions, voids, and refunds in real-time.

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Build a Better Payment Process

Typically, payments arrive via SWIFT, email, web form or fax, and any transaction that cannot be fully processed creates an exception. Payment exceptions vary by complexity and severity and require human intervention to determine the issue, which often causes delays. Additional bottlenecks occur when interaction with counterparties is required to gather additional information to progress resolution. Jaid’s AI-powered payment exception processing software enables businesses to build seamless experiences that automatically improve error detection without the need for human intervention. 

The Jaid Solution

At the forefront of efficient payment recovery, Jaid stands out with its seamless processes. Whether recognizing payment recovery requests, establishing or updating cases in the appropriate system, or directing for resolution, Jaid orchestrates every step effortlessly.

Automatically catch errors

Reduce direct payments by building a simple and intuitive electronic payments solution that catches errors automatically, therefore increasing compliance. By automatically extracting payment recovery request attributes, Jaid eliminates the need for error-prone re-keying, ensuring accuracy. Moreover, Jaid takes charge of the entire workflow lifecycle, guaranteeing that all requests are addressed within agreed SLAs. 

Save money and time

What sets Jaid apart is the consistent delivery of reliable insights, elevating oversight, resource allocation, and product development. Embrace the opportunity to get ahead with a remarkable 50% reduction in manual efforts required for processing requests.  

Empower customers and employees

As you stay ahead, witness the transformation in consistency and speed of resolution that leaves your customers delighted. Jaid not only enhances customer experiences but also empowers your employees by reducing manual tasks, allowing them to channel their focus where it truly matters. 

Why Our Customers Love Jaid

The Jaid system helps give me dramatically better insights into the workings of our operational service desk. I get a full picture of what kinds of queries we are receiving and how long they are taking to resolve. This helps me to understand the changing nature and to ensure we are meeting clients SLAs.

Mike Davies
Head of Global Operations

We’ve solved the challenge of payment exception processing.

Let us show you how. Get in touch with our team to schedule a free demo so you can get back to focusing on what matters most.