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Claims Administration and Processing Software

Reduce claims administration and processing time with an AI-powered solution.

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Building a Better Claims Administration Process

To expedite the process or attempt to solve the issues of claims administration, businesses often impose data standards, mandate the use of client portals – or the age-old response – hire more people. All of which increases cost, complexity and risk, and doesn’t solve the problem. Elevate your claims administration process with a modern, AI-powered system that consolidates all your customer communication across phone, email, text, mail, or web forms and reduces the amount of time claims administrative staff spend documenting transactions. 

The Jaid Solution

Jaid specializes in identifying and extracting crucial data from a variety of company and customer communications. Our advanced platform then transforms this data into valuable, actionable insights that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows. Powered by AI, Jaid’s platform efficiently prioritizes issues, directs them to the appropriate teams, performs cross-referencing in other systems, and even generates client responses – all while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail for each transaction.

Experience real-time, on-demand access to management information with Jaid. These dependable business insights enhance your oversight, streamline resource allocation, and foster product development. By significantly reducing mundane tasks, your team gains a competitive edge, staying at the forefront of progress. Enhanced management information ensures the tracking and reporting of SLAs, empowering your team to achieve swift issue resolution and ultimately leading to satisfied clients.

Consolidate customer communication

Claims arrive in various formats – telephone, email, text, mail, or web form. Time-consuming manual interventions are required before responding to the claimant. Centralize customer communication across any channel while reducing the need for manual interventions.

Manage multiple parties

Documentation must be forwarded to the right internal or external party, not just the policy holder, but also brokers, agents, loss adjustors, law enforcement agencies, healthcare providers, lawyers, etc. Manage all your communications both from customers and within your account management team in one seamless, shared experience.

Reduce processing time

Processing delays are common before responding to the claimant. Over 15% of incoming messages are update requests on claim status. Reduce time required to respond to simple status update requests by reducing processing delays and generating proactive customer outreach.

We’ve solved the problem of claims administration and processing.

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