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The Curse of the Shared Inbox

Bringing greater automation and control to the handling of service requests and alerts at Calastone, the largest global funds network.

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The Context

Calastone, a successful tech company, offers middleware for the global funds industry, facilitating message translation between different parties. Its exponential growth is evident through partnerships with 3,500 clients across 53 countries, processing £250 billion monthly.

To enhance operational efficiency, Calastone sought external software in 2019 due to increased message volume. Challenges included time-consuming and incomplete communication logging, manual checks, shift handover time, and management oversight gaps. Addressing these aimed to improve scalability and KPI assessment.

The Solution

Calastone assessed various solutions to meet its needs, including Salesforce’s Einstein due to its CRM use. However, it chose Jaid for its flexibility. Jaid, an intelligence system, bridges different systems and client channels, automating workflows and insights. Advantages include easy configuration, scalability for new use cases, and improved information categorization.

The system was set up within four months, achieving 93% query classification accuracy after 18 months.

Automation streamlined workflows, prompting responses and reducing manual checks, enhancing control. The solution not only saved time but also improved management insights, making roles more enjoyable and aiding recruitment and retention efforts.

The Jaid system helps give me dramatically better insights into the workings of our operational service desk. I get a full picture of what kinds of queries we are receiving and how long they are taking to resolve. This helps me to understand the changing nature of our business, to plan capacity correctly, to identify areas for product optimization, and to ensure we are meeting client SLAs.

Mike Davies
Head of Global Operations at Calastone

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