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Revolutionizing Financial Services with AI-Driven Communication Management


In the world of financial services, efficient communication is paramount. However, the challenge lies in the diverse ways humans communicate and the structured information required by corporate systems. Enter Jaid, an AI-powered platform designed to read, interpret, and manage human communication while seamlessly routing it to its intended destination. In this post, we’ll explore the core features and benefits of Jaid, as well as insights from professionals who have experienced its transformative impact. 

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At its core, Jaid addresses a widespread issue in financial services—disparate communication methods. Humans communicate through various channels, be it email, fax, chat, phone, or even unconventional methods like owls or smoke signals. Corporate systems, on the other hand, thrive on structured data. Bridging this gap is a daunting task, but Jaid does it with finesse. 

Antony Johnston, Operations Service Transition Manager at Calastone, attests to the significant advantages of implementing Jaid’s solution: 

We’ve been using Jaid’s solution at Calastone for a number of years now, and we’ve seen more and more benefits as it beds in, since we brought it into production. From the operations team side, we are spending a lot less time on admin and a lot more time doing what’s important. Previously, we were spending thousands of hours a year just managing the actual queue of the work coming into our team and from the inquiries from our various clients, and that has gone down to almost zero now.

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One of Jaid’s unique components is its consensus AI. This cutting-edge technology combines various AI models, from generic large language models to highly specialized ones tailored to specific business domains or clients. This flexibility allows Jaid to optimize resource utilization and execution time by selecting the most suitable model for each task. Simple tasks are handled by smaller models, while complex ones are delegated to more advanced models. Furthermore, Jaid boasts multiple intent detection capabilities, enabling it to sift through lengthy email chains, attachments, and documents to discern the primary intent. 

Johnston emphasizes that Jaid’s solution is a game-changer for Calastone: 

Jaid’s solution is smart for us, because it saves us a huge amount of time on categorizing those cases where we would previously be doing that manually, and it integrates into the existing CRM systems that we were already using. Our clients are happier now with the quality of our work and the speed of the response, and they always know who is working on their case within our ops team. From a management perspective, it gives me a lot more real time information about what my team is working on. Also, the rollout process was really, really straightforward for us. Integrating into several different systems that we already had live without having to interrupt any of the existing flow. We managed to get it live within only a couple of months.

Mark Barton, Jaid’s CTO, underscores the platform’s ease of deployment, requiring minimal disruption to existing workflows. 

Our application is actually very, very easy to deploy,” said Barton. “Within two or three months, we can train models for a use case and it’s simply a matter of connecting to an email system or whatever message source the client has, and it is extremely non-invasive and easy to deploy.

Jaid uses proprietary AI to read, comprehend, and structure incoming communication, allowing corporate systems to function optimally. The benefits for financial services organizations are profound: enhanced client experiences, improved employee efficiency, and higher levels of employee engagement. It’s a virtuous circle of value, where everyone truly wins. 

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Jaid stands as a revolutionary solution in the realm of financial services. By bridging the gap between unstructured human communication and structured corporate systems, Jaid streamlines operations, boosts productivity, and enhances client experiences. With its consensus AI, easy deployment, and real-time insights, Jaid is a catalyst for positive change in an industry where efficiency and responsiveness are paramount. As financial services organizations continue to evolve, Jaid offers a transformative path forward, ensuring that they truly “have it all.” 

If you’re ready to have it all, contact us today to learn more about Jaid.

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Jaid was recently named a Finalist in the FF Awards 2023 for the Artificial Intelligence category. Watch our full video entry below to hear more from Antony Johnston at Calastone, and see first hand how Jaid is revolutionizing financial services with AI-driven communication management.