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Case Management Automation Software

Resolve cases faster and more accurately with Jaid’s AI-powered case management software.

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Automate Case Management for Faster Resolutions

Not all cases need to be managed by a human. Jaid enables service teams to close cases faster and more accurately by leveraging large language models (LLMs) and pre-trained, domain-specific models. This allows your agents to handle more complex and higher values cases, improving experience for both customers and employees. 

Simplify Case Management

Automate repetitive and low-touch tasks

Many cases can be resolved by connecting systems of record with customer-facing communication channels. Jaid sits between these two modules and leverages artificial intelligence to make instant connections and faster resolutions.

Endless customization

Your cases are unique. With Jaid, you have a flexible AI platform that be configured to the distinct needs and preferences of your customers—and your business.

Streamline workflows

Build case management workflows that save time and improve outcomes. Automate case status updates and reduce administrative overhead to almost zero.

Why Our Customers Love Jaid

The Jaid system helps give me dramatically better insights into the workings of our operational service desk. I get a full picture of what kinds of queries we are receiving and how long they are taking to resolve. This helps me to understand the changing nature and to ensure we are meeting clients SLAs.

Mike Davies
Head of Global Operations

We’ve solved the challenge of managing case resolutions.

Let us show you how. Get in touch with our team to schedule a free demo so you can get back to focusing on what matters most.